Our Instructors

Our Instructors

As first responders, outdoor or medical professionals, Raven Rescue Instructors are constantly using the skills they teach and are up-to-date on the latest developments in rescue and rescue medicine theory and practice. In addition, all our instructors all have great personalities, natural teaching abilities and a dedication to customer service. This ensures your training experience is enjoyable as well as educational.

Technical Rescue

Our technical rescue instructors are all highly operational, which means they regularly work in high-risk environments including swiftwater and surface ice and utilize technical rope systems and wilderness medical skills on a regular basis. This means that training is conducted in a safe environment. Also, our technical rescue instructors are gifted teachers and know how to break skills down into small, logical progressions that are easy to learn and remember. 

Wilderness Medical

Our wilderness medical instructors are all medical rescue professionals that actively work in remote or unconventional settings but are also experienced educators, researchers and advocates for healthcare in difficult conditions. What’s more, Wilderness Medical Associates’ rigorous training process ensures that our instructors can take complex medical subjects and break them down into simple, understandable lessons that you will remember when it counts. 


Aug 18-20

Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT 1)

  • $549
  • Squamish, BC

Aug 19-26

Wilderness First Responder

  • $949
  • Canmore, AB

Aug 19-22

Wilderness Advanced First Aid

  • $549
  • Canmore, AB

Aug 23-26

Wilderness First Responder “Bridge”

  • $549
  • Canmore, AB
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James Teksey
Engineering Technician

Thyren was great, he certainly moved us out of our comfort zones in order to build our confidence, and he did so with great enthusiasm. The training provided us with the essential skills and confidence required to complete our work. Since the training was completed, we have run Little Jackpine Rapids twice, with confidence, enthusiasm and without incident.


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