ProBoard Evaluations

What is ProBoard? Check out this short video for a good overview. 

Test yourself against the NFPA 1006 Standard.

In partnership with ProBoard Accredited Agency North Vancouver District Fire and Rescue Services, we host ProBoard Evaluations in technical rope rescue and swiftwater rescue.

A ProBoard Evaluation tests candidates against the NFPA 1006 Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications as outlined by the ProBoard Fire Service Professional Qualifications System (or “ProBoard”), an international accreditation system for fire service organizations. Raven Rescue hosts these evaluations through a partnership with the District of North Vancouver District Fire and Rescue Services, a ProBoard accredited testing agency in BC.

We are able to host evaluations because a select number of our Senior Instructor Trainers have been approved by District of North Vancouver Fire and Rescue to conduct ProBoard Evaluations on their behalf. To ensure an unbiased third-party assessment, the Evaluator may not have previously provided training to any of the candidates. The testing includes both practical and written skills and is done according to strict protocols and testing methods. It is a pass or fail format, and therefore proper preparation is strongly recommended (see below).

Options for Departments

Departments have two options. First, they can choose to have their members challenge the ProBoard Evaluation, based training previously acquired. Alternatively, they can also choose to host one of our courses, with the express purpose preparing their members for the Evaluation. Evaluations can be scheduled to immediately follow a course, or the Evaluation can be scheduled at a later date to allow time to for review and practice. 

The advantage to providing candidates with one of our courses prior to Evaluation is that our partnership with North Vancouver Fire and Rescue ensures our Instructors are well-versed in the ProBoard testing process (both written and practical) including content covered and criteria used for evaluation, and so can ensure candidates are better prepared than is possible with other training providers.

To host a course or schedule an Evaluation, please contact us.

Options for Individuals

Individual firefighters who are interested in achieving a ProBoard certification can also choose to challenge a ProBoard Evaluation based on previous training, but we recommend that they first take a course in their respective discipline of interest (TRR-Tech  and Tower-Tech for rope, or both TRR-Tech and SRTA for swiftwater) in order to be as well prepared as possible. Please keep an eye on our schedule for upcoming public evaluations, or sign up for our e-news to get updates to your in-box.

Check out pricing and evaluation prerequisites, or just learn more about in general about either the Technical Rope Rescue ProBoard Evaluation, or the Swiftwater Rescue ProBoard Evaluation.

To order the NFPA 1006 Standard In Canada, copies are available for purchase online from Annex Bookstore - Education and Training Materials for the Fire Industry or by calling 1-877-267-3473.


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Melissa Paulhus, Training Coordinator
Lillooet & District Rescue

Our instructor worked with our rescue chief to stay consistent to our training while still teaching us new things on our Roadside Rescue course. The instructor was able to work with the tools we already had.


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