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2019 Raven Instructor Insider

Raven instructors and safety technicians work and play in every corner of Canada.  When they aren't teaching and rescuing, their alter egos include: parents, firefighters, skiiers, safety specialists, paramedics, and volunteers... just to name a few!

This year, we're putting the spotlight on the lives of our Raven instructor and safety tech trainers.  As the folks responsible for the professional development of our entire instructor and safety technician team, this core of rescue professionals is privileged to contain some of the best rescue minds in Canada... and they still find time to be dads, brew beer, and explore the globe.




Todd Sikorsky - Instructor Trainer for rope and structural collapse

In 2018 I finished my transition to a Station Captain at Canmore Fire-Rescue by completing my officer courses at TEEX in Texas.

I continue to chase my past-time of fabricating brewery equipment (and of course making beer). I seem to have a few new friends since producing!

In January Jenn, Jett and myself are off to Vietnam for 3 weeks of a family adventure and I am counting down the days until we leave.  

The 2019 aspirations are to stay healthy, teach Technical Rescue courses, dream big and spend time with my family as if every minute is the last one.



Rob VanceInstructor Trainer for boat

Baby Quinn turns one! We took the year to focus on our little family and travel. We were fortunate enough to show Quinn...

... the ice castle in Yellowknife

... the mountain bike trails in Whitehorse

... the cottage and Algonquin Park in Ontario

... the hot pools in Iceland

... the hiking trials of the desert

... the ski slopes of Montana, and

... the surf beaches of the Dominican Republic. We can only hope to have so many adventures in the years to come!


Tim Wheeler - Instructor Trainer for boat, water and ice

Much the same as everyone I am sure, life has been a busy mix of work and fun.  Here in Northwestern Ontario we continue to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with cold snowy winters and summers filled with sun, warm water and bugs.  As we live on Nordic Ski trails, night skis with headlamps are a favorite activity, as well as our Saturday post Jackrabbits ski brunches for all who brave the chaos which ensues as kids outnumber adults.  Personally, I am continuing to guide wilderness expeditions, volunteer with various emergency response agencies, and of course teach for Raven.  A quick nod to our families, friends and colleagues who support all of us in following our passions.


Chad Guenter - Instructor Trainer for water, rope, and confined space

In late 2018 I started a Foundation called Project All In. It’s a not for profit program aimed at destigmatizing mental illness and making the “ask for help” easier for first responders.  

Suicides in the first responder world should never out number Line of Duty Deaths. And it’s getting too close..the stigma around mental illness makes it hard for people to ask for help, cumulative stress and traumatic calls will manifest further if we don’t address it. 

We really believe this program will help.  To date, we are in BC/AB/SK/MB/ONT.  We’ve sent coins (the tangible tool in our program) with our troops on a peace keeping mission to Africa, and we’ve sent coins to Honduras for some fire fighters there.  

We are slated to present at 5 different conferences this year, from Fire Chiefs conventions to Police conferences, and there’s no signs of slowing down.  In my “spare time” I still get out paddling (even in winter!) and snowboarding as much as possible. 


Travis Finlayson - Instructor Trainer for water and ice

This past year, we did a family canoe trip on the Churchhill River. Beyond that, we really just skied hung out at home and worked - which are great things to do when you live near some of the best outdoor playground space in all of Canada!  

See you out there on your next course.







Craig Gerrard - Instructor Trainer for water, boat, ice, rope and confined space

2018 was a great year of local adventure. Taking on my new executive position within the Daddy Corp. proved to be very exciting and rewarding. I look forward to this year as we are growing fast and are expecting to double our production come February.

My role within Raven has also been super rewarding.  I stayed local, primarily working with a handful of great teams and organizations.

On an international front I have really enjoyed working within the International Assosciation of Water Rescue Professionals (IAWRP) with the two conferences that we put on, both in South Bend, Indiana and Chico, California.



Walter Bucher - Instructor Trainer for water, boat, ice, vehicles in water, flood, and swiftwater recovery specialist

Busy enjoying more time in the backcountry, as of his February 1st retirement!










Dan KirvanInstructor Trainer for water, boat, ice and rope

Busy with #dadlife!











Kit Little - Instructor Trainer for water, rope and confined space

This past year, I received a certificate of commendation from the Governor General of Canada for a rescue I did in 2016.  I am also training with Canada Task Force 1 in a joint training initiative between DNV and Vancouver Fire, which is proving very interesting.  DNV is working towards LUSAR capability.

In the meantime, I still really enjoy all the work I get to do with Raven - both standby and instructing.


Ron Morrison - Instructor Trainer for water, boat, ice, rope, fall protection, tower, confined space, vehicles in water, and flood

Professionally, 2018 was packed full of amazing opportunities and firsts.  I was able to spend a few weeks in Switzerland sharing ideas with Rescue Instructors from all over Europe. I was also lucky enough to spend some time on the slopes in France with friends, which was pretty outstanding.  

I attended the Rescue 3 International Instructor meeting in McHenry, Maryland, and enjoyed spending time with some old friends.  I also had the opportunity to meet some new instructors, as well.  

Working with our team through the successful launch of Raven Medical was both exciting and rewarding.  This also created an opportunity to expand our team, and it has been amazing getting to know and work with some very talented people.

I set a personal record for time in the hills and make many great memories with my family.  We are still enjoying exploring the backroads, rivers, trails, slopes and communities throughout Northern BC.   Life is good.   


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Iain MacInnis, Firefighter/Paramedic
Strathcona County Fire Fighter Paramedics

As a career Firefighter/Paramedic, I attend various training and continuing education courses often. Both Ron and Garth stand out not only as experts in their field, but exceptional adult educators as well. They did an excellent job on my SRT1 course presenting the material while gauging the needs of the class.


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