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A Day In The Life of a Rescue Instructor

Springtime is the busiest season in the world of rescue training. Across Canada, our instructors are going full tilt, delivering Swiftwater, Rope, Boat, Confined Space, and Wilderness First Aid courses.

We touched base with three of our busiest instructors across Canada to give you a glimpse of what a day in their jam-packed teaching schedule can be like.



ONTARIO: Dan Kirvan, Ontario Regional Manager

"I have it easy compared to the other guys because my spring is a mix between office and teaching. A day in the life seems to be a lot of driving, quick set up, high energy course and long drive home.  Pretty fun!  This seems to be the constant state of my garage - it constantly goes from drying chaos after a course, to all set for the next course, to this again...: 

What is the #1 item out of your gear cache that you are relying on this spring?

"Number one overall is a patient wife! Number one item from my gear cache is my drysuit. When you are dry and warm the rest seems to fall into place…can’t wait to start teaching in board shorts later in the summer!"



BRITISH COLUMBIA: Craig Gerrard, Intructor Trainer

"A day in my life during the spring means answering emails while taxiing down a runway or while in transit somewhere else."

What is the #1 item out of your gear cache that you are relying on this spring?

"The gear that I'm loving right now is my Raven throwbag, and my hollow block prusik loops."



ALBERTA: Travis Finlayson, Instructor Trainer

"Hardest part of the spring is managing my voice - saving it for the long run. Teaching around loud Rapids puts a strain on it for sure."

What is the #1 item out of your gear chace that you are relying on this spring?

"NRS Guardian Wedge Waist Throw Bag!!! That thing is always on me for all my water base courses. So quick to grab and access. I've used this tool more to help assist students and any other pice of equipment I have access too."


Aug 24-26

Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT 1)

  • $549
  • Barry's Bay

Sept 4-6

Tower - Competent Climber and Rescue

  • $725
  • Ingersoll, ON

Sept 5-9

Technical Rope Rescue - Operator

  • $795
  • Whitehorse, YT

Sept 6-10

Technical Rope Rescue - Operator

  • $795
  • Canmore, AB (TRA)
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Jonathon Paglia, Health & Safety Advisor, Nexen Energy

Our Ice Rescue Technician Advanced course was great, and the information that came from it was educational for everyone. I want to thank Travis, our instructor, for doing a great job. He was very knowledgeable with a passion for what he does. He did a great job at keeping the class engaged.


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