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Get Smart About Your Ideal Solution For Safety

We often get phone calls from industry clients weighing their options - they have a project coming up on their schedule, and they need to decide how to meet their safety needs.  

Should they train a few of their personnel to a technician level, kit them out with rescue gear, and meet their own safety needs in-house? Or should they bring in a trained, equipped and insured rescue team to provide standby services while their own personnel focus on the work at hand?

There are a few factors we help the client consider as they weigh their options.

What Affects Your Ideal Solution For Safety?

  • Long term goals of the company.  Does their company want its personnel to be able to do more of this work in the future?  As the rope access industry has demonstrated, there's a demand for workers who have a trade and technical rescue/access expertise.  For example, we recently provided confined space rescue technician training to an industrial pressure washing compnay so that they can permanently expand their operational range.
  • Turnover rate of personnel. New hires means more time spent on managing and training an in-house team. The administrative load of managing an in-house rescue team (even when turnover is low) comes at a significant cost - our client's company shouldn't underestimate the documentation time required to properly demonstrate your due diligence.  Add in the need for regularly scheduled and documented practices to ensure retention of the skills learned during the original certification course, and the company may soon find itself needing to hire more administrative personnel.
  • Duration of project. If the client's company is engaging in a short-term construction project, they'll likely choose a standby team.  This is exactly what one engineering firm did when performing stream sampling for a prime contractor doing work on a bridge in Edmonton.  For their week of work, we provided the rescue standby and site access services the engineering firm needed in order to provide their employees with a safe work environment.  But the longer the client's company is out there, the more complex their options become.  Perhaps they're involved with a construction project that is projected to last years in duration. Or, perhaps construction is over, but shutdowns are planned to happen with a relatively high frequency.  In these cases, they'll want to weigh their possibilities carefully.
  • Available time and funding. Sometimes the funding and time available doesn't make it feasible to train an in-house rescue team immediately. Technical rescue certification courses are (intentionally) not short courses.  Is there a budget available for the certification courses themselves, and for the possible overtime clocked by personnel attending the course?


Get Smart

Before a client chooses between training and equipping in-house rescue personnel, or bringing in a standby rescue team, it is well worth taking the time to explore how the options will be affected by the company's long-term goals, the turnover rate of personnel, the duration of the project at hand, and the available budget.  There's no one-size-fits-all solution that can substitute for this specific evaluation.  

Call our office to walk through your situation with an expert - we'll help you determine which option is the best fit for your needs.


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As a career Firefighter/Paramedic, I attend various training and continuing education courses often. Both Ron and Garth stand out not only as experts in their field, but exceptional adult educators as well. They did an excellent job on my SRT1 course presenting the material while gauging the needs of the class.


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