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License To Rescue: RQ3 ID Cards

This is the first of its kind in the industry – an ID card that tells anyone, anywhere, at any time, the level of technical training carried by its holder.

Scan the QR code on the card*, and you’ll gain immediate access to an online entry with the cardholder’s photo, and a list of their current certifications. Student information is stored in the newly developed Online Credential Verification Program.

“The new verification system is the first of its kind in the industry,” says Jen Miller, Vice President at Rescue 3 International. “It will allow people to verify someone’s credentials instantly, and that hasn’t been possible before.” Now, scene commanders can vet responding personnel, and leadership can manage risk by ensuring all personnel are working within their skills and certifications.

At ten bucks a pop, it’s a no-brainer for rescuers to take 3-5 minutes to get their card online. Just fill out the three questions on the order form, and then wait for your card to arrive in the mail.

What prompted the development of these cards?

“The cards were originally the idea of Steve Glassey, RQ3’s Asia-Pacific Regional Director, as a way of verifying the credentials of rescuers responding to international disasters,” Jen recounts. “Once the idea was out there, regional directors around the world agreed that having an easily verifiable credentialing system would help emergency managers know who was current in their certifications.”

The ID card system has the added benefit of giving students a way to verify the status of their instructors.  Just last year, a fire chief in the US was sentenced to two years in prison after collecting almost $22,000 by delivering swiftwater rescue courses he wasn’t certified to teach under the banner of Rescue 3 International.  The ID card system is a way to prevent this, and assure students their instructors are indeed Rescue 3 qualified.

Developing the ID card system took a lot of time and effort, but the process was made easier by a great team. “Jon Gorman and Keith Dudhnath from Rescue 3 Europe, along with our amazing developers at IT Pro, spent countless hours making this program happen,” says Jen.

And there’s no question that it was time well spent. Rescuers and team leaders alike are going to benefit from this innovative verification system – which is the latest testimony of Rescue 3 International’s leading role in the rescue training industry.

*If a QR reader is unavailable the scene commander can log onto and search by the rescuer’s OCV number.


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Rick Huck, Lieutenant
Leeds 1000 Islands Fire Service

We had a mixed bag of students, from firefighters, environment workers and a contractor. I would recommend Raven Rescue to anyone who wants to learn about ice rescue. Once again, GREAT course and instructor. Thanks so much.


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