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The NuMask

If you've come across a NuMask in the last few years, chances are that it was in a SAR, military, or emergency medicine environment.  But times are changing - the NuMask is getting into the hands of laypeople around the globe who want to be equipped for effective CPR.  NuMask has demonstrated its intuitive use and durability in demanding conditions, and its lifesaving potential is changing the landscape of CPR for professionals and citizens alike.

We caught up with Raven Medical Instructor Ron Morrison to learn a bit more about the next generation of mask ventilation.

What makes NuMask different than previous airway devices? 

NuMask creates an IntraOral Seal.  The mask seats under the lips and in front of the teeth, as opposed to being placed on the face.  Getting a seal is simple and intuitive. Unlike a typical pocket mask, the NuMask is one size fits all. This means there is no need to carry multiple sizes.  The IntraOral seal is never compromised from facial hair, frozen beard snotsicles, freezing temperatures, or facial trauma.  Like a traditional mask it can easily accommodate the use of a bag valve mask.  NuMasks utilize a specific Oropharyngeal Airway (OPA) that mates with the mask and is softer than a traditional OPA and as such can be cut to size, which means there is no need to carry multiple sizes of OPAs. 


Can you use a NuMask in the backcountry?

Absolutely.  NuMask t is an ideal option for the backcountry.  Not only does it reduce bulk and weight, but it may offer better seals in colder environments. There is also an optional retention shield that can be used to help hold the mask in place during rescue or challenging carries. 


Is NuMask bulky to carry?

The NuMask is roughly 1/10th the size of a typical pocket mask.  When space is an issue, this is definitely easier to carry.  A NuMask fits easily into a PFD pocket, or can be packed in a pocket during rescue. 


Is NuMask easy to understand and use?

Yes.  NuMask is very simple and intuitive to use. 


Should I really replace the current airway device in my kit with NuMask this year??

When working in remote environments, we do feel a NuMask offers more bang for the buck.  It is easy to get a seal, smaller and lighter, one size fits all, and unaffected by cold.  


Using Your NuMask

Packed with resources, the NuMask website equips users with the fundamentals necessary to deliver effective airway management. Take the time to review NuMask's training videos, get your hands on a NuMask during a first aid course, and experience benefits of this next generation of mask ventilation.


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AMAZING course. The surface ice safety training was the best course I have ever taken. I liked that there was some simple first aid and hypothermia components included in the course. The instructor, Frank, was awesome. He was easy to talk to, answered questions quickly but didn’t assume answers. He got back to us regarding a question asked that he had to research the answer for. Frank used the time well, and was adaptive to the class needs and skill levels. The course helped me get over my fear of ice/falling through, especially since I gained the nerve to do a polar dip afterwards. It helped me understand the formation and melting pattern of ice and ice weaknesses. The equipment used was simple and easy. The textbook and field guide are great references, and the field guide is simple and easy to understand and read. Overall 10/10 for the course and instructor.


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