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The Tech Rescue Academy: 5 Year Photobook

In 2016, we have the pleasure of hosting our 5th annual Technical Rescue Academy in Canmore, Alberta.

Over the years, hundreds of students have traveled from across Canada to attend the Tech Rescue Academy and its premier collection of rescue courses.  Students have made career-changing connections, expanded their operational ranges, and returned to their work better equipped to serve as first responders. 


This photobook is a tribute to the hundreds of students who have attended the Academy, and the instructors that bring each course to life.

Here's to another 5 years of Academy courses!


Aug 24-26

Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT 1)

  • $549
  • Barry's Bay

Sept 4-6

Tower - Competent Climber and Rescue

  • $725
  • Ingersoll, ON

Sept 5-9

Technical Rope Rescue - Operator

  • $795
  • Whitehorse, YT

Sept 6-10

Technical Rope Rescue - Operator

  • $795
  • Canmore, AB (TRA)
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