Emergency Response

Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician Upgrade

Course Summary

Expand EMT skills into wilderness & remote medicine.

The WEMT course is an upgrade for the EMS professional who wants to extend their training and expertise to meet the special challenges of remote or unconventional settings. Not just for backcountry travellers, these skills can prove extremely useful for emergency responders during widespread natural disasters or severe weather events when local resources are overloaded and quick transport is not available.

The curriculum emphasizes wilderness medical protocols, appropriate technology, prolonged patient care and the leadership role in managing medical emergencies in the field when resources are limited and transport a long way off. We hold this course infrequently, so please contact our office if you are interested.

Course Details


5 days (45 hours)


A mix of classroom and outdoor sessions


Minimum 10. Maximum 14.

  • Current EMT certification (EMT B, EMT A or EMT P, Military Medic or PCP etc.) or RN or MD.

Note: On a case-by-case basis, we will also be accepting others who are certified at the WFR, EMR or OFA Level 3 who have some patient care experience. Such patient care would include SAR, Pro Patrol, Coast Guard, fire rescue etc. Interested individuals with this type of background should first send an email outlining their interest and relevant skills and experiences to Program Director .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

  • 18+ years of age
  • In good physical condition



Repeat the entire course every three years

Required Equipment

Please see our Wilderness Medical FAQ for a list of basic outdoor clothing and equipment to bring to the course.

Takeaways & Documentation
  • Lecture handouts
  • WMA Case Study Workbook
  • SOAP Notes
  • Wilderness Medical Associates’ Wilderness and Rescue Medicine (textbook)
  • Wilderness Medical Associates’ Field Guide

For more details about wilderness medical courses including what to expect and how to prepare. Wilderness Medical FAQ.

Course Outline

Day 1: (10.5 hours) - Logistics and Introduction; General Concepts; Patient Assessment System; Critical Body Systems Review; PAS/SOAP Practice; Spine Injury Assessment; Medical/Legal Issues

Day 2: (9 hours) - Test I/Review; Anaphylaxis and Asthma; ALS/BLS Appropriate Technology; Lifting, Moving, Extrication; Litter Packaging and Carries; Scenarios I

Day 3: (8.5 hours) - Test II/Review; Pain Management; Soft Tissue Injury; Wound Cleaning and Exploration; Musculoskeletal Injuries; Extremity Splinting, Dislocations; Scenarios II

Day 4: (9 hours) - Test III/Review; Environmental Medicine; Scenarios III; Search and Rescue; SAR Exercise

Day 5: (8 hours) - SAR Exercise Debrief; Expedition Medicine; Scenarios IV; Medical Kits and Medications; Test IV and Course Debrief


Oct 26-29

Wilderness First Responder “Bridge”

  • $549
  • Busby, AB ( Camp Nakamun)

Oct 26-29

Wilderness First Responder - Recertification

  • $549
  • Busby, AB ( Camp Nakamun)

Nov 3-4 & Nov 10-11

Wilderness Advanced First Aid

  • $549
  • Hamilton, ON

Nov 22-25

Wilderness Advanced First Aid

  • $499
  • Squamish, BC
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Brad Danielson
University of Alberta

Our instructor was excellent. He obviously knew the material inside-and-out, and could run the class as a set of discussions and ongoing hands-on examples, vs. running off a set of powerpoint slides. He's a breathing encyclopedia of Wilderness First Aid, with a lot of first-hand field experience. Raven Rescue and Wilderness Medical Associates has the "wilderness" perspective of First Aid training really dialed in. This did not feel like Standard FA with wilderness considerations thrown in as an add-on - these guys understand and take seriously the type of remote field work that we geo-scientist types do in places like the northern territories.


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