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Can I recert my 80-hour first aid course from a different provider?

We allow students to recert their WFR certifications with our Raven Medical coureses if they hold current 80-hour courses from any one of the following companies:

  • Slipstream
  • Rocky Mt Adventure Medicine
  • Wilderness Medical Consultants
  • Wilderness Medical Associates
  • PEAK
  • Solo
  • Wilderness Medical Institute
  • Sirius
  • Canadian Wilderness Medical Training  
  • Remote Medicine International

Coming from the Red Cross Wilderness program?  Give us a call to discuss your eligability to recertify.


Sept 24-25

ProBoard Evaluation - Technical Rope Rescue

  • $649
  • Canmore, AB (TRA)

Sept 26-28

Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT 1)

  • $549
  • Kamloops. BC

Sept 26-27

Swiftwater Operations

  • $449
  • Kamloops, BC

Sept 27-Oct 1

Technical Rope Rescue - Operator

  • $845
  • Squamish, BC
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Cole Martin
InStream Fisheries Research

I come from a kayaking background and have worked with fisheries on rivers for the past 6 years. My SRT1 instructor, Paul Carus, had both fire fighters and environmental resource students in the class, and he did a great job at making the course apply to both groups equally. I'll be recommending Raven Rescue to everyone looking to take SRT1 in the future, and just wanted to throw out a huge thanks to Paul for the enthusiastic effort he put into the course. It was a great three days, and I look forward to my re-cert in 3 years!


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