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We offer a variety of boat-based training options from a fully-certified training course from Rescue 3 International, to customized sessions designed to meet your specific needs. Regardless of the boat or the water, our approach will give you the confidence and skills needed to operate your boat in a safe manner. Training can be geared to external propellor, jetboat engines, or any non-motorized watercraft.

A Note on Transport Canada Certifications

Our courses do not replace or include Transport Canada certifications (PCOC or SVOP) required to operate boats for work. You obviously need the relevant Transport Canada certification in order to be compliant, but given that these courses are entirely theoretical (ie. you never get in a boat), we believe you should also have one of our practical, hands-on courses in order to actually learn how to operate a real boat on real water. Confused as to which certification you need? Chances are it's only a PCOC. Click here to find out which Transport Canada certification you need.

Contact Us to Organize a Course

We don't teach public, open-enrollment boat operator courses, so contact us for more information on how to set up a course for your group. Please note: clients must provide their own watercraft for boat operator courses. 


Motorized Flatwater Boat Operator

Safety at work or play on flatwater.

Motorized Swiftwater Boat Operator

Safety and efficiency on moving water.

Non-Motorized (Swiftwater) Rescue Boat Operator

Raft, driftboat, canoe or kayak safely on rivers.


We only offer private boat operator courses. Contact us for more information.

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Adventure Medical Kits, Backcountry

Adventure Medical Kits, Mountain series the Backcountry

This is the perfect medical kit for those who have taken our Wilderness First Responder course.

Contact us for Pricing.

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Steve Ruskay
Coordinator, Blackfeather Wilderness Adventures' guide training program

We really appreciated Dan researching new information for the benefit of my crew and the objectives of Blackfeather. He went out of his way to enhance the experience for us.


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