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We provide one level of training regardless of whether you work over flat water (frozen lakes and ponds), or over moving water (frozen creeks and rivers) because the baseline skills and knowledge are the same for both. However, ice over moving water increases the risk exponentially and we recommend that personnel working on frozen creeks or rivers also consider additional swiftwater rescue training.

And no, we don't do ice safety and rescue courses in just one day. The standard-of-care for those that work on frozen lakes and ponds is 16 hours of training including theory and practical. Additionally, we recommend that if you work in the considerably more hazardous environment of frozen rivers, that you consider our three-day Ice Rescue Technician Advanced course for practical, hands on rescue practice in moving water.



April 6-7

Ice Rescue Technician

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  • Thunder Bay ON
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NRS Rapid Rescuer PFD

Type V PDF, 22 lbs flotation.

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Melissa Paulhus, Training Coordinator
Lillooet & District Rescue

Our instructor worked with our rescue chief to stay consistent to our training while still teaching us new things on our Roadside Rescue course. The instructor was able to work with the tools we already had.


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