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Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Safety & Rescue - Swiftwater

Course Summary

SUP techniques for moving water

Stand Up Paddleboarding in swiftwater can benefit from some specific skills and training. This hands-on, river-based course prepares paddleboarders for swiftwater based adventures by equipping them with the skills to rescue themselves and others in moving water.

Course Details


2 days


River based



  • 18+ years of age (16-17 with parental permission)
  • Experience paddleboarding in swiftwater
  • Basic swimming ability
  • In good physical condition



Repeat the entire course at a 15% discount every three years.

Annual Training Maintenance

Click here to read about the options available for annual guided practice.

Required Equipment
  • Drysuit or wetsuit*
  • Paddle board and paddle*
  • Personal flotation device (Type III or V)*
  • Water-sports helmet*
  • Neoprene gloves (optional)
  • Neoprene footwear with a good walking sole, wading boots, or running shoes
  • Layers of wool or fleece clothing for under the drysuit/wetsuit including sweater, pants, gloves, socks

* Rental equipment available. Click here for a price list.

Takeaways & Documentation
  • Personalized skill sheet (training record) signed by the instructor (valuable document for risk management)
  • Registration of training record in Raven Rescue's database
  • Wallet card with personal Raven Rescue number and date of certification
  • Certificate of Completion

For more details about swiftwater courses including what to expect and how to prepare. Click here for our Swiftwater FAQ.

SUP Safety & Rescue - Swiftwater Outline

Day One - Flatwater Session

  • A review of key concepts
  • Site safety assessment
  • Proper falling techniques
  • Unassisted remounting of board
  • Using your board as a rescue tool

Day Two - River Session

  • Site safety assessment
  • Basic river signals
  • Throw bagging
  • Navigation
  • Paddling techniques with a victim on your board
  • Rolling unconscious/hypothermic people onto your board


Aug 24-26

Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT 1)

  • $549
  • Barry's Bay

Sept 8-10

Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT 1)

  • $499
  • Rocky Mountain House, AB

Sept 8-9

Swiftwater Operations

  • $399
  • Rocky Mountain House, AB

Sept 10-11

Swiftwater Operations

  • $399
  • Jasper, AB
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NRS Rapid Rescuer PFD

Type V PDF, 22 lbs flotation.

Contact us for pricing

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Steve Ruskay
Coordinator, Blackfeather Wilderness Adventures' guide training program

We really appreciated Dan researching new information for the benefit of my crew and the objectives of Blackfeather. He went out of his way to enhance the experience for us.


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