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Wilderness First Responder - Recertification

Course Summary

Options from 24 to 32 hours

There are three options for recertifying your 80-hour Wilderness First Responder.  We offer stand-alone recert courses (24 hours) or often deliver a recert in conjunction with the last four days of a WFR. You can also take a Bridge course to recertify your WFR. Finally, you can book a private course over three or four days - your choice!

Course Details


"Stand-alone" WFR Re-cert (24 hours/3 days)

WFR Recertification in conjunction with a full WFR (32 hours/4 days)

Bridge Course (32 hours/4 days)


Mix of classroom and outdoor sessions


Minumum 10. Maximum 14.

  • 18+ years of age
  • A high school education (or equivalent) is recommended but not required
  • Completion of review material is required prior to the beginning of the course

In order to qualify as a re-cert, the participant must hold a current WFR certification with a minimum of 64 hours of continual training (cumulative training hours from different courses are not eligible). Previous training may be from any recognized organization, provided that the course was taken not more than three years prior to the date of re-certification. Any exceptions to these conditions must be discussed with our office at time of registration. The Instructor will need to see the original certification and if no proof of certification is available, or prior approval has not been obtained from our office, the student will not be eligible for re-certification.

Open Re-certification Courses - This course is held over just three days and therefore cannot be combined with a WAFA or Bridge course. In order to provide as many options as possible, most of our re-certs are held in conjunction with these other courses. Open Re-certs are primarily scheduled as private courses for large groups, but we also schedule a few in large centres in the spring and the fall. If you want to attend an Open Re-cert, be sure to check the number of days required before you register. The Open Re-Cert will focus largely on the application of assessment and treatment skills. Students can expect the simulations to integrate knowledge from past training, and so it is especially important for those who took their initial training with another provider to review the study guide that they will receive upon registration.




See recert options for the 80-hr WFR

Required Equipment

Notebook and pencil/pen

Watch with a second-hand for taking vitals

Indoor/outdoor clothing appropriate to the weather

Footwear for rough terrain

Takeaways & Documentation
  • Wilderness First Responder Certification Card and Patch
  • CPR BLS Provider Certification consistent with the Canadian Heart & Stroke Association BLS Provider level.

  • Course Texts

For more details about this course, including what to expect and how to prepare, please view our Wilderness Medicine FAQ.

Course Overview

Students can expect three or four full, intense days of instruction. Be prepared to focus on the course material, including evening review. It is not possible to engage in any other significant activity (ie: a job or school) while participating in this course.


Feb 28 - Mar 3

Wilderness First Responder “Bridge”

  • $549
  • Courtenay, BC

Feb 28 - Mar 3

Wilderness First Responder - Recertification

  • $549
  • Courtenay, BC

Mar 9-10 & Mar 23-24

Wilderness First Responder “Bridge”

  • $499
  • Hamilton, ON

Mar 9-10 & Mar 23-24

Wilderness First Responder - Recertification

  • $499
  • Hamilton, ON
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Darren Saare
Port Alberni Search & Rescue

Once again it was great working with Raven Rescue. The course environment was a challenge, since we were in heavy flood conditions, but Craig did a great job of adjusting the curriculum to meet the needs of the participants while maintaining a sufficient level of safety amongst heavy debris, massive whirlpools and somewhat bizarrely... a couple of huge sea lions that strayed up the river to play in the chaos.


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