Private Courses - FAQ

There are definite advantages to hosting a private course for your own personnel.


  1. Dates of your choice.
  2. Training in your own backyard ... where you work or play.
  3. Tailored training and relevant scenarios.
  4. Reduced costs - pay for travel for one instructor instead of your entire group.

Training doesn't get better than this!

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Guess-timate the number of participants.

Different courses have different minimum and maximum numbers, so check the relevant course description. Obviously it’s in your best interests to fill all available spaces, however, if you can’t get the minimum number of participants, we can still provide training but you’ll just pay slightly more per person. It's still going to be cheaper than sending your group to a course out-of-town. For large groups, additional instructors are available.

2. Pick your date.

If it's a busy season (spring, summer or early winter) it's a good idea to have a couple of dates in mind in case we can't provide an instructor for your first choice. Please note: As soon as dates are agreed upon, our Cancellation Policy goes into effect.

3. At this point, get in touch.

Fill out the form below, or give us a call to request a detailed estimate.

4. Book a classroom.

We don’t need anything fancy - just a private space where participants can all be seated at tables, and for wilderness medical courses, a quiet, close-by outdoor space. In addition, we need a screen/projector or TV/screen/projector with HDMI, and either a whiteboard or flipchart.

5. Determine who requires rental gear.

We can provide (see the course description for what is required):

  • Helmets (no charge)
  • PFDs (lifejackets) (no charge)
  • Goretex drysuits ($50/day)
  • Ice rescue suits ($50/day)
  • Wetsuits (Eastern Canada only)  ($25/day)
  • Harnesses (Type 3 or 5) ($25/day)

6. Read the FAQ

Ensure every participant gets to read it as it covers what to expect, how to prepare, and what to bring.

7. Connect with our Instructor

The Instrutor will touch base by phone prior to the course to introduce themselves and review your goals, logistics, and possible training sites. The morning of the course, they'll need to get into the classroom about 45 minutes early to set up course material.

8. Organize Payment

We will invoice you as soon as the course is over. We can take POs in advance (if required) and accept Visa, Mastercard, cheques or EFTs. Terms are 30 days (following the course date). Overdue balances are charged interest at 2% per month or 24% per annum.

9. Fine Print

You must have a good payment record and provide the maximum number of participants per instructor to qualify for the discount. 

10. Sit back, relax ...

... and count all the money you've saved for the very best training anywhere, delivered in your own backyard.


Contact us today if you have any questions, or simply fill out this form to let us know the basics. We'll get back to you with an estimate ASAP!

Please fill out all of the fields.

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Course Details

Preferred Dates:


Mar 14-17

  • $945
  • Squamish, BC

April 30 - May 2

Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT 1)

  • $549
  • Rocky Mountain House, AB

May 4-8

Technical Rope Rescue - Operator

  • $845
  • Whitehorse, YT

May 5-6

Rescue for River Runners (“Whitewater Rescue Technician” in the US & Europe)

  • $349
  • Barry's Bay, ON
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Lyndon Brescia
Environmental Emergency Response, LTL Group

Our course was awesome. The instructors did an excellent job as well. What these guys did over the last three days is the way all training should be. I have been disappointed with training providers in the past, and you guys have reassured me there is still hope! Greatly appreciated. We had an awesome time, and will never look at a river the same again. We look forward to working with you again.


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