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Tower - Competent Climber

Course Summary

Prepare a tower environment for yourself and others

Competent Climbers go beyond the Authorized Climber course by establishing an in-depth knowledge of the tower environment - this knowledge will enable you to look at the task at hand and determine what type of fall protection system should be used. Participants in this course will be given the tools and techniques needed to climb safely in a tower environment, and will be required to take their knowledge a step further by demonstrating the ability to select and install a fall protection system appropriate for their work environment. Participants in this course are trained to supervise Tower Authorized Climbers.

This course is consistent with the NATE Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard.

Course Details


2 days (16 hours)


1/2 day classroom, 1.5 days field based


Minimum 6. Maximum 8.

  • 18+ years of age
  • A physical and mental aptitude for working at height
  • Ability to perform moderately strenuous activities
  • Tower climbing experience



Repeat the entire course at a 15% discount every three years

Annual Training Maintenance

 Click here to read about the options available for annual guided practice.

Required Equipment
  • Class III full-body climbing or rescue harness*
  • Climbing or technical rescue helmet*
  • 100% tie-off Y-lanyard
  • Gloves with leather palms (ie. work gloves)
  • Work boots, hiking boots, or appropriate footwear
  • Long pants or coveralls
  • Appropriate protective clothing for weather conditions

* Rental equipment available. Click here for a price list.

Takeaways & Documentation
  • Ropes That Rescue Tower Rescue Manual
  • Itemized, personalized skill sheet (training record)
  • Certificate of Completion

For more details about technical rescue courses including what to expect and how to prepare click here for our Technical Rope Rescue FAQ.

Tower Authorized Climber Course Outline

Day One - Classroom Session and Tower Session

  • Legislation and regulations
  • Tower safety and hazards
  • RF Awareness
  • Basic risk management
  • Overview of standard equipment
  • Anchorage
  • PPE and PFPS
  • Options for fall restraint and protection
  • Ladder climbing techniques and systems
  • Vertical lifelines
  • Knots
  • Pre-climb safety
  • Climbing techniques

Day Two - Tower Session

  • Lead climbing techniques
  • Controlled descent techniques
  • Understanding the rescue plan
  • Equipment inspection, care and maintenance


Sept 4-6

Tower - Competent Climber and Rescue

  • $725
  • Ingersoll, ON

Sept 27-29

Tower Rescue - Technician

  • $725
  • Cochrane, AB (TRA)
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