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No matter what your goals are, we can make it happen.  We can develop a custom course, design a workshop, or simply conduct scenario-based guided practice of wilderness medical skills and knowledge to meet your specific needs.


We've done everything from a 1/2 day review of the latest techniques in poisonous snake bite treatments to a three day full-scale battlefield medicine exercise for 60 participants. You name it.  We can do it. Feel free to contact us to explore the many options.


Sept 29-Oct 2

Wilderness Advanced First Aid

  • $499
  • Canmore, AB

Sept 29-Oct 6

Wilderness First Responder

  • $899
  • Canmore, AB

Oct 3-6

Wilderness First Responder “Bridge”

  • $499
  • Canmore, AB

Oct 3-6

Wilderness First Responder - Recertification

  • $499
  • Canmore, AB
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KMIII Static Rope is a balance construction consisting of a continuous filament polyester cover braided over a unidirectional nylon core.

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Brad Danielson
University of Alberta

Our instructor was excellent. He obviously knew the material inside-and-out, and could run the class as a set of discussions and ongoing hands-on examples, vs. running off a set of powerpoint slides. He's a breathing encyclopedia of Wilderness First Aid, with a lot of first-hand field experience. Raven Rescue and Wilderness Medical Associates has the "wilderness" perspective of First Aid training really dialed in. This did not feel like Standard FA with wilderness considerations thrown in as an add-on - these guys understand and take seriously the type of remote field work that we geo-scientist types do in places like the northern territories.


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