From assessments of your site and developing safe work procedures, to supplying your organization with a standby team and cutting edge documentation, we're your partner for every phase of your project.

Confined Space Services

From identifying your confined space, to providing standby rescue services, Raven Rescue is your one-stop confined space service provider.  

We specialize in meeting the legislative requirements of your confined space at every step of the process.

Hazard Assessments, Work Procedures & Rescue Plans

Raven Rescue delivers a full range of legally compliant documentation for all of the disciplines which we instruct.

Water and Ice Standby Rescue

Bring cutting edge ice and water rescue procedures to your doorstep.

Rope and Confined Space Standby Rescue

Bring cutting edge rope and confined space rescue procedures to your doorstep.

Equipment Inspections

Avoid costly replacement of equipment that is still in working order, and protect users against product failure.

Rescue Training

Ensure your personnel are ready to work safely and efficiently with training provided by Raven Rescue, no matter the complexity of your worksite. 


Sept 24-25

ProBoard Evaluation - Technical Rope Rescue

  • $649
  • Canmore, AB (TRA)

Sept 26-28

Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT 1)

  • $549
  • Kamloops. BC

Sept 26-27

Swiftwater Operations

  • $449
  • Kamloops, BC

Sept 27-Oct 1

Technical Rope Rescue - Operator

  • $845
  • Squamish, BC
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Brendan Brown, AMEC

Raven Rescue exceeded my expectations in all ways. I will choose this company again whenever possible.


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