Melissa Paulhus, Training Coordinator
Lillooet & District Rescue

Roadside Rope Rescue - Lillooet, BC

“Our instructor worked with our rescue chief to stay consistent to our training while still teaching us new things on our Roadside Rescue course. The instructor was able to work with the tools we already had.”

Sarah Lawrie
Kerr Wood Leidal Consulting Engineers

Swiftwater Rescue Technician - Chilliwack, BC

“I wanted to pass along a thank-you from the course participants. They came back very inspired and they were all very impressed with the Instructor in particular and the course in general. Even participants who had taken the course before from a different provider were impressed by all the new information they picked up. Thanks again!”

Steve McKinlay
Firefighter Candidate

Technical Rope Rescue - Operations: North Vancouver, BC

“My instructor Kit was a complete professional with his subject. He was personable and encouraged questions - he also constantly asked questions to check for understanding. There was no time spent standing around, and we always knew what our goals were during scenarios. I had a fun experience during my Operations ropes course, and Kit heightened my desire to be a fire fighter.”

Gavin Williams, Wilderness Leadership Program
Capilano University

Swiftwater Rescue Technician - Squamish, BC

“Well taught and informative class. The Instructor was a whitewater wizard! ”

James Teksey, Engineering Technician
Manitoba Hydro

Motorized Boat Operator - Thompson, MB

“Thyren was great, he certainly moved us out of our comfort zones in order to build our confidence, and he did so with great enthusiasm. The training provided us with the essential skills and confidence required to complete our work. Since the training was completed, we have run Little Jackpine Rapids twice, with confidence, enthusiasm and without incident. ”

Darren Anderson
Strathcona Fire Department

“Huge "thank you" to Ron Morrison, Rob Vance & Chris Burnham for a fantastic week of Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Technician training. Your professionalism, dedication, knowledge and passion for your profession is second to none. ”

Kaitlin Chantler, Environmental Scientist

Ice Rescue Technician - Canmore, AB

“I had so much fun, really enjoyed the course, and I gained a lot of knowledge. I know that I’ll feel more confident when completing field work in the winter now that I’ve completed this course.”

Adam Galbraith, Firefighter
Richmond Fire Department

Swiftwater Rescue Technician (Advanced) - Squamish, BC

“As a full time firefighter in the lower mainland, I have been to many courses, and by far this one was one of the best! Craig Gerrard is born to do this. Not only is he a wealth of important knowledge, he is able to communicate this knowledge without ego, in a positive manner, that harbours a fun, challenging, and useful course.”

Henry Madsen, Principal
Nellie Carsen School

Wilderness First Responder (Re-cert) - Busby, AB

“Thank you for all your work helping me recert. I wanted to share how professional, task oriented, and effective Travis is as an instructor. He has clear objectives every lesson, knows how to refocus a class while still allowing for appropriate "story telling", gives palatable and constructive feedback, and focuses on learning rather than just teaching. I could go on, but suffice it to say that Travis was outstanding in so many ways. ”

Lyndon Brecia
Environmental Emergency Response, LTL Group

Swiftwater Rescue Technician

“Our course was awesome. The instructors did an excellent job as well. What these guys did over the last three days is the way all training should be. I have been disappointed with training providers in the past, and you guys have reassured me there is still hope! Greatly appreciated. We had an awesome time, and will never look at a river the same again. We look forward to working with you again.”

James Doughtry, Pararescue Specialist
103rd Rescue Squadron, US Air Force

Custom Technical Rope & Swiftwater Rescue Training: Squamish, BC

“We really couldn't have asked for more in a two week period - the amount and quality of training we received was like nothing I've seen before. I have been going on training trips usually twice a month for the last 4 years and this was by far the best I have been to.”

Clint Goodman, Conservation Officer
Rangeland Conservation Service

Motorized Swiftwater Boat Operations: Ottawa, ON

“We all enjoyed the Swiftwater Rescue for Boat Operators training greatly, and felt that we learned several valuable skills. I know all of us will be a lot more comfortable boating on the swifter rivers. Rob was an excellent instructor as well. He was friendly and knowledgable. It was a great three days.”

Cheri Frocklage, Program Manager
Tahltan Fisheries

Swiftwater Rescue Technician - Terrace, BC

“I appreciated the new swiftwater skills and methods that have been improved upon, and learning the new methods that are being taught. Walter is the best instructor ever - like a member of the family. He is knowledgable, and keeps things simple. ”

Darren Saare
Port Alberni Search & Rescue

Swiftwater Rescue Technician (Advanced) - Port Alberni, BC

“Once again it was great working with Raven Rescue. The course environment was a challenge, since we were in heavy flood conditions, but Craig did a great job of adjusting the curriculum to meet the needs of the participants while maintaining a sufficient level of safety amongst heavy debris, massive whirlpools and somewhat bizarrely... a couple of huge sea lions that strayed up the river to play in the chaos.”

Rick Huck, Lieutenant
Leeds 1000 Islands Fire Service

Ice Rescue Technician - Landsdowne, ON

“We had a mixed bag of students, from firefighters, environment workers and a contractor. I would recommend Raven Rescue to anyone who wants to learn about ice rescue. Once again, GREAT course and instructor. Thanks so much. ”

Brent Prokopishin, Water and Snowsports Product Specialist
Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC)

Wilderness Advanced First Aid - Canmore, AB

“I thoroughly enjoyed the WAFA course. My instructor made a long, four day course very interesting and entertaining. She really made the difference with her engaging and enthusiastic course delivery.”

Brad Danielson, Geoscientist
University of Alberta

Wilderness Advanced First Aid - Edmonton, AB

“Our instructor was excellent. He obviously knew the material inside-and-out, and could run the class as a set of discussions and ongoing hands-on examples, vs. running off a set of powerpoint slides. He's a breathing encyclopedia of Wilderness First Aid, with a lot of first-hand field experience. Raven Rescue has the "wilderness" perspective of First Aid training really dialed in. This did not feel like Standard FA with wilderness considerations thrown in as an add-on - these guys understand and take seriously the type of remote field work that we geo-scientist types do in places like the northern territories. ”

Stefanie van Huystee, Biologist
Alberta Conservation Association

Ice Rescue Technician

“What a great course you and your crew put on for us – as a greenhorn, I expected to learn a lot, and I did. Your instructors did an excellent job catering to every skill level, were extremely knowledgeable, and I walked away with a lot more confidence! ”

Steve Ruskay, Guide Training Coordinator
Blackfeather Wilderness Adventures

Rescue for River Runners - Palmer Rapids, ON

“We really appreciated Dan researching new information for the benefit of my crew and the objectives of Blackfeather. He went out of his way to enhance the experience for us.”


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Ice Rescue Technician

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  • Camrose, AB

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Wilderness First Responder “Bridge”

  • $499
  • Squamish, BC
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